Fire and Flood Restoration Services – Dry Cleaning

  Insurance-Friendly Restoration for Any Situation!

Fire and water damage are two unexpected occurrences that may leave you counting a lot of losses. You will lose much of your belongings and be forced to pay a lot in water damage restoration or fire restoration services. 

After months, when a fire occurs, there are still particles scattered in the air and not to mention the bad odors that smoke causes. After a flood, the humidity remains for a long period, which causes fungus and awakens bad odors like smoke. Seeking water damage restoration or fire restoration services is vital in improving the condition of your home.


 Recover Your Damaged Garments in a Fire or Flood Incident

We do fire clothes cleaning by removing smoky and damp odors and soot or dirty water stains from your clothes.

Count on Lavi Dry Cleaners for cleaning and recovery of garments damaged by the effect of smoke and ash in a fire accident or by humidity and mold in a flood accident. We offer specialized water damage restoration or fire restoration services for clients who have experienced fire, water, or smoke damage in their homes. 

Lavi Dry Cleaners is a smoke-dry cleaning service specializing in cleaning, staining, restoring, and deodorizing garments made of both textiles and leather and also household items and carpets, curtains, rugs, mattresses, and others, affected by the effects of a fire accident or flood.

Our experience in cleaning and the application of new technologies allows us to recover the original condition of clothing fabrics, home textiles, curtains, and furniture upholstered in fabrics, which have been subjected to the aggressive conditions of smoke, ash, or mold, cause